NOSBRIAN operates an internal and external quality and safety system in accordance with the latest requirements in ISO 9000:2015 series on quality management and ISO 14000: 2015 series on environmental management system.

The documented QA and HSE system, which is adopted as the guidance for success, is a four level model as follows:
Policy and Authority Statement Manual, which states the philosophy, policy, and authority and gives information in general terms. Guidance is ISO 10 013. Included are, the policy and authority statements, and typical for the Nigerian situation (for example security, community affairs, environmental, drug and alcohol, journey management, communication.)

Quality Management System Manual, documenting the QA system, plans, and defines the implementation strategy. Guidance is ISO 9001.

Safety Management System Manual, documenting the elements of the occupational health, safety and protection of the environment systems as defined in the Safety Act 1997, and ISO 14001: 1996 and other international industrial standards.

Quality Assurance and Safety (HSE) Procedures, which documents the structure of procedures. It outlines the task, responsibility, frequency and the dependency of each relevant part of the quality process and the business of the customer. Guidance is ISO 9001 clause 4 through 8 and ISO 9004 (guidelines), ISO 14001 section 4.