NOSBRIAN operates a procurement department used for project buying as well as direct procurement and sales for customers.

The activities are based on creative and cost effective purchasing and cost control. Therefore procedures and structures are in place from initial tender/bid request until delivery and incoming inspection of the goods.

These procedures details and give guidelines for general aspects and activities of the procurement of materials, as applicable for projects or for third parties, such as:-

nosbrian procurement
  • Issue of the purchase order on behalf Client or for the project team, based on material requisition and specification issued for approval.
  • Expedite the progress of the purchase order.
  • Execute inspection/audits on progress and delivery.
  • Arrange and participate in the Factory Acceptance Test.
  • Inspect final packing and delivery to shipping agent.

For specific contracts and/or projects parts of this procedure may not be applicable. Specific project specification shall be issued as addendum for the project. The guideline gives a general description, flow chart and attachments.

The requirements and guidance as detailed by applicable CRINE (Cost Reduction Initiative for the New Era) reports for procurement, purchasing and documentation are used in the preparation of the detail procedure.

Whenever materials are required the Nigerian office can call upon the support of NOSBRIAN Inc., a USA based office, for overseas ordering & expediting of materials or services.

Construction Services

The construction activities are generally be executed in line with the agreed scope as described in the contract/project documents. The activities may include:-

  • Pre-fabrication Works: Fabrication of pipe spools for facility repairs/upgrade projects, structural steel fabrication for repairs and upgrade projects.
  • Onshore/Offshore Maintenance: Maintenance/calibration of pressure relief valves, pneumatic & manual valves, cathodic protection services, revamp of production facilities and upgrade of crude and gas facilities.
  • Pipeline Construction for Onshore / Offshore locations: Construction of pipeline for Onshore and Offshore with end facility installation works.
  • Consultancy/Construction Management: Project planning, Project Management, Onsite Supervision, Inspection Services.
  • Government Projects: Construction, Procurement and goods delivery etc.

Government Projects

Construction, Procurement and goods delivery etc.

All the personnel including the sub-contractors are to be familiar with the client’s rules and regulation regarding safety, security, loss prevention and the hazard of the works. During the stage of the construction works, a ‘permit-to-work’ (PTW) and a ‘hot-work-permit’ (HWP) system will be effective.

All construction activities shall be duly planned and organized before commencement of the work. Resources, facilities and materials shall be provided on time to avoid delays or rework. The production personnel shall be qualified for the operations they will carry out.

The responsibility for the quality and safety of the work is on those managing, supervising, planning the work and those performing the activities. However, inspection during the installation provides assurance that the required quality is being obtained in accordance with the approved drawings, specifications and procedures. It also assures that deficient items or systems are found and removed from further processing early in the construction of the project.  

Inspections and audits of the work in progress are performed to verify that items are being installed, assembled, and constructed in compliance with the contract, and the latest approved specifications, approved for construction drawings, codes and standards. Any holds identified on any discipline drawing or specification needs to be clarified with the client before commencement of the construction works.

After the completion of the discipline activities on system a mechanical completion certification will be issued to the client in order to continue in the next stage of the project.

After the completion of the works, the site will be cleared and cleaned by removal of all temporary facilities, excess and removed materials

Consultancy/Project Management

Construction, Procurement and goods delivery etc.

Project Management has become one of our distinguishing Competencies in the market place. Having managed effective and completed a number of large and medium scale projects in the past, NOSBRIAN has all it takes to manage and deliver your projects ranging from medium to very large integrated structures.

Nosbria Project management

We ensures at all times that all aspects of our operations conform to ISO 9001:2000, API and ASME quality standards and ISO 1400I safety standards. Our project management team is saddled with the responsibility of getting all key players on the project team; Manage task inter faces; Assures clear ID of task completion; Assures communication of task completion, Manage responsibility interfaces; Question blurry responsibilities; Clarify delegation levels; Balance the needs of project and client organization; identify stakeholders and their definition of the project; Balance project objectives with other objectives; Act as a catalyst and when necessary, a devil’s advocate; Promote effective communication and wide participation in decision making.

Fabricaton Services

Our operation in this area covers:

  • All structural fabrications
  • Process pipe fabrications
  • Exotic metal fabrications and welding
  • Manufacturing of customized modules
  • Pipeline Construction.

Nosbrian Fabrication

NOSBRIAN Engineering Ltd has the capability to fabricate medium-sized structures for the oil and gas industry with marked competence for offshore and onshore modules including pipelines.

Our substantial experience in undertaking multidisciplinary works in EPCI for firms within the Oil & Gas Industry permits NOSBRIAN to develop natural guidance towards the optimization of industrial costs without compromising the project’s quality requirements. Our workshop/Fabrication yard is strategically located within Port Harcourt permitting easy access. One of our strategic yard – This facility we do use occasionally whenever the need arise. Our ability to fabricate quality and cost-effective structures with great precision allows NOSBRIAN to assist her clients even while working under tight budget.

Our products are built to comply with applicable industrial standards. These are closely reviewed by our engineering /technical team and approved by client before construction constraints /bottlenecks are observed, client’s attention is immediately drawn and amendments made where necessary.  

Structural & Mechanical Installation

Working in close consultation with our clients, we are able to fully customize our services to meet client’s needs while selecting the best management team to deliver each project on time and on budget.

Our operations in this area cover:

  • Structural steel fabrication and erection
  • Piping and mechanical installations
  • Fabrication and installation of tanks and pressure vessels
  • Scaffold erection
  • Instrumentation and electrical installation.

Nosbrian Structural & Mechanical Installation

Having unrestricted access to a well-equipped medium sized machining shop in our workshop, NOSBRIAN is able to handle a wide range of metalizing and Machining jobs including Surface Grinding, Milling, Drilling & Turning of piping related parts such as Flanges, Stub Ends, Filter Rings, Spacers, Adapters, Orifice Plates, Spool Pieces etc. with relatives ease, we can handle the machining of Components of Valves, Heat Exchangers and Pump parts like Shafts, Sleeves, Bushings, and Backing Plates (General Oil Country Tubular Goods – OCTG) etc. Our precision in Engineering and Construction activities makes the Installation of Fabricated structures relatively easy.