About Us

NOSBRIAN Engineering Limited is wholly indigenous company foremost in providing top class services for the Oil & Gas and Allied Industries. The Company was incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja, Nigeria with RC 1333909 and has since then achieved overwhelming results within a very short period. NOSBRIAN offers technical engineering, procurement construction and Maintenance services in the following areas of the oil, gas, and allied industry within the Nigerian business market:-

  • Onshore
  • Swamp areas / locations
  • Offshore

NOSBRIAN has staff which are professionals in their fields of operations, with hands on experience in various areas of specialization.

Our main activities and aims in these area’s are:-
  • Project management / Consultancy services.
  • Piping/Structural Construction for New Facilities and Upgrade/Revamps of existing Facilities
  • Fabric Maintenance Service
  • Vessel Inspection and Maintenance Services
  • Valve Recertification and Repairs
  • Subsea Pipeline inspection using mini ROV Water Drones (Under water inspection).
  • Procurement and supplies, within a project, for internal use and foreign procurement.
  • Quality and safety (HSE), throughout all stages of a project and in all operations of the company.

  • Our Thinking

  • Mission

  • Vision

Our thinking is to guide and produce the following principles:

  1. Top quality services at a reasonable cost within the shortest possible time.
  2. Optimum value on our human assets and the environment.
  3. Conducting business with the highest ethics and integrity.
  4. Competence.
  5. Consistent building of trust and accountability
  6. Continuous quality in profile.
Sustaining a stable and expanding organization using the latest technology available worldwide and competent personnel as well as helping to develop host communities

Our mission is to develop a team and provide the most viable engineering solutions to problems at optimal cost to our clients, and value to our employees and stakeholders.

Our vision is to emerge as one of the most reliable and innovative Engineering Companies in Nigeria and to be a Global Brand.